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Extension of “Assessing and Improving Cognitive Measurement in the HRS” Amendment to Analyze and Extract Saliva and DNA

The Survey Research Center at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan proposes a supplement to the UM subcontract to cover costs associated with analyzing and extracting 484 saliva DNA samples collected as part of the HCAP pilot conducted in 2015 and tablet effort in 2016.

Currently these saliva and DNA samples are being stored at SRO. This supplement includes costs to conduct the following activities with the samples:

(1) transportation to ISR lab, inventory, relabeling with new ID numbers, DNA-CogUSA ID key creation, delivery to lab for DNA extraction, transportation of leftover samples back to ISR for storage, long-term storage of remaining samples in ISR Biospecimens Lab

(2) DNA extraction, quantification, aliquoting, delivery to Susan Dagenais at UM DNA Sequencing Core

(3) purchase and delivery of Illumina Omni2.5Exome-8 v1.3 Kits

(4) genotyping and preliminary quality control work at UM DNA Sequencing Core, delivery of data

(5) additional analysis, quality control, and preparation of data for transfer to dbGaP repository


University of Southern California

Funding Period:

05/01/2017 to 04/30/2018