ISR Awards

Classroom Observaton Rater Study

A research team from the Survey Research Center (SRC) collected classroom observation data for the Understanding Teaching Quality (UTQ) project during the 2009-10 and 2010-11 school years. For all classroom observation sessions, SRC raters completed evaluation instruments that rate teaching quality.
As a follow up activity, Education Testing Services (ETS) is conducting a study designed to gain understanding of how raters reason when engaged in classroom observation scoring and calibrating activities. This will be accomplished by studying the outcomes of common calibration activities completed by 11 raters, 11 master raters. The analyses will help us better understand the nature of raters? and master raters? judgments as well as the discrepancies between the two.
Researchers at SRC will contribute to the Rater Study by providing technical support and access to UTQ resources, including UTQ videos.