ISR Awards

Consulting Services 2015

1.PPM High-Impact Households project:
– Conduct additional statistical analyses of high-impact households using PPM survey data.
– Conduct simulation study to evaluate impact of statistical methods to mitigate effect of high-impact households.
– Develop/refine methods to alleviate the impact of high-impact households on PPM audience estimates.
– Advise the Research and Methodology Team on in-house evaluations and assessment of methods for mitigating effect of high-impact households.
– Create reports that document the above work.
2. Diary Utility Initiatives:
– Continue to offer guidance and consultation services on rating stabilization initiatives.
– Help with analysis of data from full stratification implementation by listening level test.
3. Other Initiatives as requested by Nielsen:
– Advise the Research and Methodology Team on evaluation of methods for estimating and/or developing reach and frequency data products.
– Create reports that document reach and frequency statistical models and documenting evaluation and assessment results.