ISR Awards

COVID: Data and Tools for Research Response and Recovery at Universities

We propose a joint research, data development and reporting project that will result in:

1. Research using network science and data science methods to analyze key aspects of COVID-19?s effects on university-based research.
2. New, well-documented data to be released as a supplement to IRIS? standard UMETRICS data release to enable a wide range of new analyses of research-based responses to COVID-19 and the progress of pandemic recovery in the U.S. academic research enterprise
3. Expanded university participation in IRIS under a new membership model that lowers barriers to entry in order to expand the reach and usefulness of COVID-19 relevant data
4. Development and dissemination of analytic data products to inform decision-making about research re-opening and related communication. Reports and other analytic products will be disseminated to universities, federal agencies, academic associations and the general public through existing IRIS channels and relationships.

This work will expand standard IRIS data and reporting, create additional capacity to support research at IRIS and in the larger community, and produce evidence and reporting to inform more effective research responses to the pandemic and the U.S. research enterprise?s recovery from COVID-19.