ISR Awards

Data and Research Support Center

Dr. Couper will work with the Vanderbilt team to develop, refine, and/or evaluate web-based survey tools for potential evaluation and use in the PMI. Specifically, Dr. Couper will collaborate with the Vanderbilt team on:

? Improving the survey/questionnaire quality and aiding in evaluation and study of engagement in the PMI population:
o Assist with development and deployment of baseline survey measures to maximize completeness and data quality
o Providing expert knowledge both on content of measurement (question wording) and on the design of the online instrument (web survey design)
o Helping ensure survey and site are accessible to all groups, including linguistic and cultural minorities, those with smartphone-only Internet access, those with low levels of literacy, and those with disabilities
o Assist with development and evaluation of appropriate informed consent protocols
o Help with ways to maximize reach, recruitment, engagement, and retention
o Assist with development of paradata to increase understanding of participants? use of the PMI website
o Help identify potential covariates of likely attrition or continued participation in PMI activities that could be measured at baseline
o Assist with development and measurement of covariates to evaluate representativeness of PMI enrollees