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Every Dollar Counts Program Evaluation Midline Interviews

OpenResearch Lab (Open) (formerly Y Combinator Research) and the primary investigators are conducting an evaluation of Every Dollar Counts, a cash assistance gift program being administered by two non-profit organizations, CitySquare, based in Dallas, Texas, and Heartland Alliance, located in Chicago, Illinois (the Community Partners). The purpose of this study is to explore how the program affects multiple dimensions of recipients’ lives. Key outcomes of interest include health, subjective and material well-being, time use, financial health, labor market participation, social and civic engagement, and effects on children. SRO has recently concluded the program enrollment and Baseline interviews. The EDC Midline will reach out to all Baseline interview respondents by either telephone or in person over a five-month period in 2022 to request their participation in the Midline interview.


Open Research Lab, Inc.

Funding Period:

09/01/2021 to 01/31/2023