ISR Awards

IRIS VDE Researcher Seat Fees

IRIS data are useful for analyzing the social and economic effects of research investments, the scientific production function, the career outcomes and earnings of doctoral students and trainees, questions pertaining to science and engineering workforce and the STEM pipeline among many other possible topics.

The annual membership fee that IRIS member institutions pay includes access to de-identified IRIS data for their affiliated researchers. IRIS data are available (through the application process) to researchers from non-member institutions as well. Non-affiliated researchers will be charged a non-refundable seat fee of $1250 per person annually ($625 for students) to access the IRIS data. Seat fees will be charged for any non-affiliated researchers even if they are part of a research application with IRIS members.

Upon acceptance as an applicant to use IRIS data, IRIS will invoice the researcher for the seat fee, which will be prorated depending upon the application acceptance date. This seat fee covers the administrative expenses of creating the data files and documentation, research support services and disclosure review, access and use of the IRIS virtual data enclave, technology updates, and the costs of administering the contract.

IRIS researchers will receive access to IRIS data in a secure Virtual Data Enclave (VDE), the ability to transfer work to approved Census FSRDC projects, research support and training materials, and 10 privacy/confidentiality protected disclosures per year. IRIS researchers will contribute improvements to documentation and future data releases and citations to and copies of research papers using IRIS data.

Because the seat fee billing period is September-August, Michigan?s first invoice will pro-rate seat fees according to the scheme below, adding a full year?s seat fee if the initial period is pro-rated. Subsequent invoicing will occur for the full seat fee in September each year.