Funded Research

Methodological Research on Developing a Fully-Functional Web-Based App to Collect Food Data

Researchers from the University of Michigan will conduct methodological research using restricted data files containing FoodAPS and ADCM data which is housed within the NORC Data Enclave at the University of Chicago. The research team will be led by Dr. Brady T. West, a leading survey methodologist. Dr. West has conducted a series of methodological research projects using FoodAPS data via a currently active cooperative agreement with ERS, and these projects have resulted in multiple peer-reviewed publications in high-impact journals. In addition, he serves on the FoodAPS Technical Work Group leading the pertinent and related work and is quite knowledgeable about the objectives and associated challenges in food data collection. ERS will collaborate with Dr. West?s research team and participate in all phases of research process, from study design to research product dissemination.


Agriculture, Department of

Funding Period:

09/28/2018 to 09/27/2023