ISR Awards

NAC Analytica Survey Centre Workshop 2

The University of Michigan Survey Research Center International Unit (SRC-IU), under the guidance of Dr. Zeina Mneimneh, will conduct a three-part workshop for NAC Analytica Survey Centre in Nursultan, Kazakhstan on three topics: sampling, focus group discussions, and cognitive interviewing.

The workshop will be a combination of remote-online training and in-person training in Nursultan, Khazakstan. The workshop will consist of three parts:
Part I-Sampling: This workshop will be given remotely/online for a period of 10 weeks. During these 10 weeks, 5-7 staff from NAC Analytica will be:
-Assigned weekly recorded videos on sampling topics
-Assigned weekly readings on sampling
-Assigned exercises that will be graded
-Asked to join an hour of online video discussion each week

Part I-sampling is expected to start mid-end of October, 2019.

Part II-Sampling: An in-person workshop will be held in Nursultan for 5 days, 5 hours/day for the staff that attended the Part I workshop. This part will cover a recap of Part I, GIS sampling, telephone sampling and sampling for business surveys.

Part III-Qualitative: An in-person workshop will be held in Nursultan for 4 days, 5 hours/day. A total of 12 staff can join this workshop. The workshop will include both theory and practice on cognitive interviews and focus group discussions.

Part II and Part III of the workshop will take place between mid to end of February, 2020.