ISR Awards

NAC Analytica Survey Centre Workshop

The University of Michigan Survey Research Center International Survey Unit (ISU), under the guidance of Dr. Zeina Mneimneih, will conduct two workshops for NAC Analytica Survey Centre in Astana, Kazakhstan. The workshops will provide training and guidance to Survey Centre staff as they transition from interviewer-administered in-person data collection to web and/or telephone data collection.

The first workshop will take place in Astana in late January 2019. The focus of this workshop will be general best practices and considerations associated with web and telephone surveys. Appropriate SRC staff will contribute to preparation of the lecture modules, and two staff will travel to Kazakhstan for several days to present the material.

The second workshop will take place in Ann Arbor in late April 2019. The focus of this workshop will be more specific training for the Kazakhstan team on how to design and implement a pilot of their new survey. This includes 4 types of pilots with single or mixed modes: 1) web only; 2) web and phone; 3) phone only; 4) web, phone, and face-to-face. This will include a review of an actual draft questionnaire, and focused discussions on sample design, technical tools, production management, required infrastructure, and quality assurance. The workshop will also include a tour of SRC?s centralized telephone facility (Survey Services Lab, or SSL), and demonstrations of SRC?s technical systems.