ISR Awards

National Health and Aging Trends Study

The purpose of this application is to continue the National Health and Aging Trends Study (NHATS), a national platform for studying late life disability trends and trajectories. In the next five year cycle, we will accomplish the following aims: 1) Continue the current structure and key design elements of NHATS by collecting data in person from NHATS participants annually in 2019-2023 (Rounds 9-13), including a) Continued collection of the enhanced disability protocol and supplemental questions on consequences including subjective and economic wellbeing, living and care arrangements, and quality of end of life; b) Replenish the sample in Round 10 (2020) in order to maintain NHATS? ability to produce 5-year age estimates (up to 90+) and Black-White comparisons; 2) Enrich and expand measurement in the NHATS? annual disability protocol including development and implementation of a) a new IPAD-based protocol to enhance measures of cognitive and sensory capacity; and b) a panel substudy of physical activity using accelerometry; and 3) Disseminate the data widely and provide support and training to the growing user community.