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Situating Older Adult Entrepreneurship in Life-Course and Intergenerational Contexts: Fielding the Entrepreneurship Module to the Understanding America Study

We seek to better understand the factors of older adult entrepreneurship in intergenerational and life-course contexts. This research will also enable us to identify which individual- and contextual-level factors of entrepreneurship are: unique to older adults; common across the life-course, and; sensitive to intergenerational factors. For example, intergenerational expertise may include social media and technology for younger adults and life and work experience for older adults. Intergenerational factors could create more sustainable and scalable entrepreneurial activities such as when older adults with industry experience work with social media savvy younger adults. The study will enable entrepreneurship scholars to develop better models for capturing how barriers to engagement in entrepreneurial activities may matter differently over the life-course. Lastly, presenting our data findings to economic development practitioners can stimulate new public policies to overcome barriers to entrepreneurship.