ISR Awards

Special Warfare Assessments for TSOC Support (SWATS)

In Phase 1 of SWATS, SRC will gather literature from academic and non-academic sources on the drivers of violent extremism and behavior in general, and the ways experts have modeled this complex relationship. SRC will develop a model that describes the hypothesized relationship between key constructs of interest, and a preliminary plan for testing will be developed. As this is a firm-fixed-price contract, SRC will deliver a complete solution for the contract price agreed upon with the Barbaricum. SRC and Barbaricum will coordinate and collaborate throughout Phase 1.
Priority tasks may include:
Literature review of publications and papers on violent extremism and behavior change
Interviews with subject matter experts in academia
Consult with Barbaricum on other sources of information
Gap analysis of current technical solutions and operational requirements
Development of a set of constructs of interest and a model that can be used to predict violent extremism
Develop methods of operationalizing model constructs, potentially including but not limited to survey instruments, social media, observational data, and community-level economic and demographic data
Preliminary research plan for the operational assessment of the SWATS model
In-person presentation of findings and model to end client