ISR Awards

Supplemental CIDI Training on Post Processing/Analysis and Fundamentals of Survey Methods

SRO will provide technical support to the Singapore Institute of Mental Health throug h the the Supplemental CIDI Training Project. The Supplemental CIDI training will be comprised of two main components: 1) Plans for post processing and analysis of the data collected from the CIDI in the Singapore Mental Health Study, and 2) Fundamentals of survey methods.

The first component of the training will cover topics in relation to: coding, editing, imputation, weight creation, specific diagnostic algorithms, some types of complex survey design analysis, and possible CIDI analysis plans. SAS statistical software language will be used during certain parts of this training component. The material will be covered over approximately 15 hours throughout 3 days during the first week of February 2010. This component will be conducted in Singapore by a WHO-CIDI trainer from SRO.

The second component will cover fundamental survey method topics in relation to: survey life cycle, types of survey errors, sample design and weighting, instrument translation, interviewers? role, data collection modes, pretesting techniques, survey participation frameworks, and field management. The material will be covered over approximately 20 hours throughout 3-4 days tentatively between April and June 2010. This component will be conducted in Singapore by two trainers from SRO.

We will also provide up to 20 hours of telephone or e-mail post training consultation related to the materials addressed in the two training sessions.