ISR Awards

Training Support for the Tamil Nadu Household Panel Study (TNHPS)

In the context of the larger Tamil Nadu Household Panel Study and efforts to build data collection capacity across the TNHPS project staff, this additional funding will allow us to continue efforts on development of technical systems for the TNHPS, including Blaise questionnaire programming and testing, SurveyTrak modifications and testing, and overall project design that determines database structure and related systems. This funding would cover SRC staff members? preparation for and travel to Chennai to work directly with the MIDS and DES teams to train them on the use of these systems. It is important to understand that these on-site sessions will supplement on-going communication and training via webinar and other modes/documentation, and that we strongly recommend also planning for key MIDS and DES technical staff to travel to Ann Arbor to work for an extended time side by side with our fuller technical team.