ISR Awards

UM Automated Classroom Observation System – G Limited Use Service Supplement

The funds detailed in this budget will allow SRC to continue the UTQ-Algebra study within the ACOS-G/School Research Information System (ACOS/SRIS) technical application. SRC will load the applications on laptops provided by ETS and manage the technical system during implementation of UTQ-Algebra. The data collected by ETS staff members will be contained in the ISR secure data base created for the UM-IRB exempt study called Understanding Teaching Quality – UTQ (UM DRDA# 09-1466) funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation1.

The ACOS-G/SRIS applications will include the following features:
Login interface that automatically applies ISR domain user login credentials;
Coversheet interface that displays preloaded information about an individual observation session and/or allows entry/editing of that information;
Note taking interface where observer enters interval-by-interval observation notes while selecting check boxes that categorize notes according to dimensions or components or other groupings;
Scoring interface that presents the interval notes organized by scoring category along with scales where observer selects a check box for the appropriate score;
Synchronization interface that controls secure transfer of information between the laptop and SRIS sequel server database.
SRIS interface that allows a manager to schedule sessions, view progress reports and export SAS data sets.

1 We obtained memos from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Grant/Spencer Foundation project officers expressing their support for the collaborative system development effort that allows the ACOS-G/SRIS system to host both projects (UTQ and UTQ-Algebra) in the same ISR database.