ISR Awards

University of Vermont Sampling Consultation

A Senior Sampling Statistician (Raphael Nishimura) will be responsible for all communication between the client and SRO, and will direct all aspects of the project. Nishimura will work directly with the client in the following capacity:

? Meet with the client to understand all data collection and analytic objectives.
? Consult with the client to finalize agreed upon sample design which meets the analytic objectives of the study.
? Provide explicit instructions regarding the specifications for the sample purchase. Note that the actual sample purchase will be made by the client, not by SRO.
? Implement each stage of sample selection.
? Deliver a selected sample to the client that meets agreed upon specifications.
? Provide documentation of the sample design and implementation.
Nishimura will spend up to 115 hours on the work described above. No effort for weighting or non-response adjustment are included in this budget.