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George Katona Economic Behavior Research Award Fund

The George Katona Research Award Fund in Economic Behavior was established to support emerging scholars who are interested in how economic expectations shape consumer behavior and the macroeconomy.

The Katona Fund provides small research awards to emerging scholars in the social sciences conducting empirically grounded economic research in the tradition of George Katona. Priority will be given to research using the Surveys of Consumers database or similar data from the more than 60 other countries that conduct consumer surveys and to work on the development and application of expectational measures. The award is designed to jumpstart the dissertation process by providing flexible support early in candidacy. Learn more about the SCA at

The Katona Award will connect emerging scholars with the Institute for Social Research and the Survey Research Center’s deep and rich history in the study of economic and social behavior.


Applicants must be admitted to Ph.D. candidacy in a degree granting program at the University of Michigan by the time the award is made.

Form and Scope of Awards

The Katona Fund will provide a Fellowship equivalent to a 0.5 GSRA position for one semester. In addition, the Fund will provide funding for one semester of tuition and GradCare health and dental insurance coverage provided during the term of the Award. Recipients of this Award may not be employed more than ten hours per week during the tenure of the Fellowship. Recipients may not hold this Award in conjunction with another award.

In addition to the stipend described above, the recipient will receive $3,000 for research purposes (i.e., purchasing datasets or questions therein, travel, technology).

Application Procedure and Deadlines

For more information, as well as application procedures and deadlines, please visit the George Katona Economic Behavior Research Award Fund webpage.