July 26, 2019

SRC Researchers at 2019 Joint Statistical Meetings

SRC faculty, staff and student papers and posters at the 2019 Joint Statistical Meetings:

Sunday, July 27

2:00-3:50, Kristen Cibelli Hibben (Organizer) and Julie de Jong (Chair), Multinational, Multiregional, and Multicultural Surveys (3MC): a Burgeoning Sub-Discipline in Survey Research Methods&Invited, Colorado Convention Center, 504

2:25-2:45, Zeina Mneimneh (Presenter), Julie de Jong and Kristen Cibelli Hibben (co-authors), Error Sources and Quality Management in 3MC Surveys, Colorado Convention Center, 504

2:20-2:25, Yajuan Si (presenter), Statistical Data Integration and Inference via Multilevel Regression and Poststratification, Colorado Convention Center, 502

2:20-2:35, Ali Rafei (presenter), Michael Elliott (co-author), Bayesian Doubly Robust Adjustment for Finite Population Inference Using Big Data: Application to Naturalistic Driving Studies, Colorado Convention Center, 506

4:30-4:55, Daniel Almirall (co-author), Adaptive Contrast Weighted Learning and Tree-Based Reinforcement Learning for Multi-Stage Multi-Treatment Decision-Making, Colorado Convention Center, 103

4:55-5:20, Trivellore Raghunathan (presenter), Data Fusion, Multiple Imputation for Clustered Data, and Split Questionnaire Designs: Research Inspired by Our Collaborations with Susie, Colorado Convention Center, 704

5:05-5:50, Yajuan Si (poster presenter), Statistical Data Integration and Inference via Multilevel Regression and Poststratification, Colorado Convention Center, Hall C

Monday, July 28

8:35-9:00, David Johnson (presenter), Using Survey and Tax Data to Evaluate the Distribution of Personal Income, Colorado Convention Center, 705

9:25-9:50, Trivellore Raghunathan (presenter), Application of Multiple Imputation Methodology to Address Measurement Error Problems, Colorado Convention Center, 607

10:50-11:05, Wenshuo Liu, Predicting 30-Day Hospital Readmissions Using Deep Learning, Colorado Convention Center, 504

11:15-11:20, Richard Valliant (poster co-author), Comparison of Alternative Variance Estimators for Raking in the Presence of Nonresponse, Colorado Convention Center, 103 c

11:55-12:00, Roderick Little (poster co-author), Likelihood Based Estimation of Finite Population Mean with Post-Stratification Information Under Nonignorable Nonresponse, Colorado Convention Center, 103 (Poster will be presented in Hall C from 2:00-2:45)

11:55-12:00, Michael Elliott, Roderick Little (poster co-authors), Variable Selection in Causal Inference, Colorado Convention Center, 502 (Poster will be presented in Hall C from 2:00-2:45)

2:00-3:50, Yajuan Si (Organizer & Chair), Evolving Survey Inference in the Big Data Era: Challenges and Opportunities, Colorado Convention Center, 603

2:25-2:30, Jennifer Smith (poster co-author), Sparse Mediation Analysis Using Mixture Models, Colorado Convention Center, 501 (Poster will be presented in Hall C Tuesday, July 30 from 9:25-10:10)

2:55-3:20, Michael Elliott (presenter), Trivellore Raghunathan (co-author), Novel Methods for Incorporating Sample Designs in Bayesian Inference, Colorado Convention Center, 603

Tuesday, July 30

8:35-8:50, Nick Seewald (presenter), Daniel Almirall (co-author), Sample Size Considerations for Comparing Dynamic Treatment Regimens in a SMART with a Repeated-Measures Outcome, Colorado Convention Center, 210/212

9:40-9:45, Fred Conrad (poster co-author), Tracking Public Opinion with Twitter: a Critical Comparison of Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Analyzes, Colorado Convention Center, 103 (Poster will be presented in Hall C from 10:30-11:15)

10:35-10:50, Brady West (co-author), Documentation of Survey Settings in Public Use Data Sets, Colorado Convention Center, 506

11:15-11:35, Sharan Sharma (presenter), Michael Elliott (co-author), Predicting Interviewer Effects Using Paradata, SRMS/SSS/GSS Student Paper Competition, Colorado Convention Center, 504

2:00-3:05, Brook Luers (poster presenter), Daniel Almirall (poster co-author), Mixed Effects Models for Sequential, Multiple Assignment Randomized Trials (SMARTs), SPAAC Poster Competition, Colorado Convention Center, Hall C

2:55-3:20, Sunghee Lee (presenter), Ai Rene Ong & Michael Elliott (co-authors), Exploring Mechanisms of Recruitment and Recruitment Cooperation in Respondent-Driven Sampling, Colorado Convention Center, 501

Wednesday, July 31

8:30-10:20, Brady West (Organizer and Chair), State-Of-The-Art Inferential Approaches for NonProbability Samples: Survey Research Methods Section, Colorado Convention Center, 605

8:35-8:55, Brady West and Roderick Little (co-authors), Measures of the Degree of Departure from Ignorable Sample Selection, Colorado Convention Center, 605

9:05-9:20, Daniel Almirall (co-author), Robust Estimation for Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimes with Restricted Arms Using Observational Data, Colorado Convention Center, 109

9:50-10:15, Michael Elliott (co-author), Robust ‘Squared’ Estimators to Account for Selection Bias Due to Death in Estimating the Effect of Wealth Shock on Cognition for the Health Retirement Study, Colorado Convention Center, 106

10:30-12:20, Michael Elliott (poster co-author), Incorporating Subgroups in a Surrogate Endpoint Setting, Colorado Convention Center, Hall C

10:35-10:55, Steven Heeringa (presenter), Genome-Wide Association Studies of PTSD in 2 Cohorts of US Army Soldiers, Colorado Convention Center, 505

10:55-11:15, Erin Ware (presenter), Colter Mitchell (co-author), Genome Wide Association Studies of Suicide Attempts in US Soldiers, Colorado Convention Center, 505

2:05-2:30, Roderick Little (presenter), Michael Elliott (co-author), Penalized Spline of Propensity, Colorado Convention Center, 201