June 9, 2020

SRC Researchers at the 2020 Virtual American Association for Public Opinion Research Annual Conference

AAPOR-Association for Public Opinion ResearchAAPOR’s 75th Annual Conference takes place on June 11-12, 2020 as a virtual conference and short courses will take place June 9th and 10th. This is the schedule of SRC faculty, student, and staff, short courses, papers, and posters.

Short Courses

June 9, 2:00 – 5:00
Brady WestEssential Tools for Working in R for Public Opinion and Survey Researchers

June 10, 9:00 – 12:30
Frederick Conrad, Andrew Hupp, and Michael Schober – Text Messaging​ for Conducting Survey Interviews

Thursday, June 11

11:00 – Lingxi Li (Primary Presenter), Sunghee Lee (co-author), Evaluation of Respondent Driven Sampling Data Quality Through Trend Analysis

11:00 – Ai Rene Ong (Primary Presenter) and Sunghee Lee (co-author), Systematic Evaluation of Respondent Driven Sampling Implementation and Analysis

11:00 – Brady West (Primary Presenter), Heidi Guyer & Wen Chang (Co-Authors), Using Paradata to Develop and Implement an Interviewer Performance Profile for Monitoring and Evaluating Interviewer Performance

11:00 – Mengyao Hu (Primary Presenter), John A. Kirlin, Brady West, Wenyi He, Ai Rene Ong, Shiyu Zhang, Xingyou Zhang (co-authors), Estimation of Underreporting in Diary Surveys: An Application Using the National Household Food Acquisition and Purchase Survey

11:00 – Micha Fischer (Primary Presenter), Sequential Imputation with Integrated Model Selection: A Novel Approach to Missing Value Imputation in High-Dimensional (Survey) Data

3:00 – Raphael Nishimura (Primary Presenter), Poster: Evaluation of Nonresponse Weighting Approaches Geared Towards Survey Outcomes

Friday, June 12

11:00 – Frederick Conrad (Primary Presenter), Michael F. Schober, Andrew Hupp, Brady West, Kallan Larsen, and Ai Rene Ong (co-authors), Interviewers, Video, and Survey Data Collection

11:00 – Mengyao Hu (Primary Presenter), Vicki Freedman, Joshua Ehrlich, Nicholas S. Reed, Catherine Billington, and Judith Kasper (co-authors), Collecting Objective Vision and Hearing Disability Data in a National In-Home Survey of Older Population