October 31, 2022

SRC Researchers at the 2022 Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting

Schedule of SRC Researchers at the 2022 Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting, November 2-6 in Indianapolis.

GSA 2022

Wednesday, November 2

8:00-12:00, Deborah Carr, Jessica Faul, Grace Noppert, Jacqui Smith, Amanda Sonnega, Pre-conference Workshop: Health and Retirement Study: New Data on Genetics, Biomarkers, Covid-19, and Life History, 236 CC

8:00-12:00, Mengyao Hu, Sarah E. Patterson, Jennifer A. Schrack, Maureen Skehan, Pre-conference Workshop: Using the National Health and Aging Trends Study to Study Late-Life Disability, Dementia and Care, 239 CC

12:30-4:30, Rebekah Carpenter, Dawn Carr, Brooke Helppie-McFall, Amanda Sonnega, Pre-conference Workshop: Creating a Public Resource: O*NET Job Characteristics Dataset for Use with the Health and Retirement, 236 CC

2:30-4:00, Jess Francis (Chair), Symposium: Diverse Contexts, Unique Experiences: Impact of Social Isolation on Psychosocial Factors and Cognition, 232 CC

2:30-4:00, Jess Francis, Social Isolation, Loneliness, and Mattering Among Older Adult Facebook Users From Diverse Backgrounds, 232 CC

2:30-4:00, Toni Antonucci & Rita Hu (Co-chairs), Symposium: Generational Transmission of Social Relations: Findings from Multiple US Longitudinal Studies, 203 CC

4:30-6:00, Jacqui Smith (Chair), Laura Zahodne (discussant), Symposium: Early-Life Education and Cognitive Aging: Does Content, Location, and Historical Context Matter?, 240 CC

4:30-6:00, Allan Kizza Nkwata, Early-Life Educational Experiences, Toxic Stress, and Risk of Neurocognitive Impairment Among US Adults Over Age 50, 240 CC

4:30-6:00, Wenshan Yu, Trajectories of K-12 Schools in the 1930s-1960s and Cognitive Aging: Variation by Racial Composition, 240 CC

6:00-7:00, Marina Larkina, Jacqui Smith, Poster: Investigating Links Between Childhood Health and Family Life and Accelerated Biological Aging, Exhibit Hall DE CC

6:00-7:00, Grace Noppert, Poster: Sociodemographic Differences in Immunosenescence in Older Age: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study, Exhibit Hall DE CC

Thursday, November 3

8:00-9:30, Michael Elliott (co-author), Age at Cardio-Metabolic Disease Onset in a Cohort of Midlife Women: Systematic Exclusion Misestimates the Magnitude of Racial Disparities, 233 CC

8:00-9:30, Jacqui Smith (discussant), Symposium: Self-Perceptions of Aging in the Context of Challenging Experiences: Patterns of Risk and Resilience, 203 CC

12:00-1:30, Laura Zahodne, Margret M. and Paul B. Baltes Award Presentation and Lecture: Biopsychosocial Risk and Resilience Pathways in Dementia Inequalities, 120-121 CC

12:00-1:30, Ken Langa (discussant), Symposium: Cognitive Aging Across National Contexts: Evidence from the Harmonized Cognitive Assessment Protocols, 204 CC

12:00-1:30, Kira Birditt, Angela Turkelson, Richard Gonzalez, Toni Antonucci, Chronic Negative Social Ties: Implications for Exposure and Reactivity to Daily Social Interactions, 237 CC

2:00-3:00, Sarah Patterson, Poster: Left Out to Dry: Unmet Needs and Risk of Depression Among Older Adults, Exhibit Hall DE CC

2:00-3:00, Noah Webster, Poster: Resources and Experiences Among Diverse Dementia Caregivers by Geographic Context, Exhibit Hall DE CC

2:00-3:00, Kimson Johnson, Poster: Do adverse adult life events moderate the impact of childhood adversity on cognition after age 50?, Exhibit Hall DE CC

4:30-6:00, Jessica Finlay, Robert Melendez, Philippa Clarke, Contexts of Cognitive Decline: Mapping Neighborhood Opportunities and Barriers for Healthy Aging in Place, 244 CC

Friday, November 4

8:00-9:30, Jessica Faul, Brady West, Ken Langa, David Weir, Mode Effects on Cognitive Functioning Assessments in the Health and Retirement Study, 239 CC

8:00-8:30, HwaJung Choi, Ken Langa, The Incremental Effects of Dementia on Healthcare Use and Economic Status in the US: A Quasi-Experimental Approach, 202 CC

10:00-11:30, Kristine Ajrouch, Toni Antonucci (co-chairs), Symposium: Reimagining ADRD in Context, 201 CC

10:00-11:30, Lindsay Ryan, Toni Antonucci, Race, Gender, and Late-Life Productive Activities and Dementia in the Health ABC Study, 201 CC

10:00-11:30, Helen Meier, Metals Exposure and Cognitive Decline in Latino Elders: Results from the Sacramento Area Latino Study on Aging, 201 CC

10:00-11:30, Lindsay Ryan (chair), Symposium: Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Roles of Demographics, Personality, and Social Ties, 241 CC

10:00-11:30, Lindsay Ryan, Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A function of Personality, Age, and Urbanicity, 241 CC

10:00-11:30, Kira Birditt, Pandemic-Related Stress and Daily Well-Being Among Middle-Aged and Older Couples: Race and Gender Differences, 241 CC

10:00-11:30, Jessica Finlay, Joy and Stress During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Findings from the National Poll on Healthy Aging, 242 CC

12:00-1:30, Kate Duchowny, Which Neighborhood Features Matter Most for Muscle Strength? Findings From the Health and Retirement Study, 234 CC

12:00-1:30, Philippa Clarke, Josh Ehrlich, Risk of Diabetes Among Adults Aging With Vision Impairment: The Role of the Neighborhood Environment, 234 CC

2:00-3:00, Noah Webster, Poster: Impact of Neighborhood Green Infrastructure on Access to Social Capital Across the Life Course, Exhibit Hall DE (CC)

2:00-3:00, Kate Cagney, Poster: Neighborhood Conditions and Personality Change Among Older Adults, Exhibit Hall DE (CC)

2:00-3:00, Jacqui Smith, Poster: Well-Being Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Associations with Resilience and Chronic Conditions, Exhibit Hall DE (CC)

2:00-3:00, EJ McSpadden, Poster: Half of Older Adults Hospitalized with COVID-19 Experience Symptoms One Year Later, Exhibit Hall DE (CC)

2:00-3:00, Jay Kayser, Poster: Well-Being Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Associations with Resilience and Chronic Conditions, Exhibit Hall DE (CC)

2:00-3:00, Brooke Helppie-McFall, Amanda Sonnega, Poster: Financial Hardships and Depressive Symptoms During COVID: The Moderating Role of Resilience, Exhibit Hall DE (CC)

2:00-3:00, Kimson Johnson, Jacqui Smith, Poster: Risks for Later-life Cognitive Impairment: Disentangling Childhood and Early Family-life Predictors, Exhibit Hall DE (CC)

4:30-6:00, Kira Birditt, Do More Empathic Older Adults Ruminate More? Emotion Regulation Matters, 208 CC

4:30-6:00, Kira Birditt, Do Friends Get Under the Skin? Daily Interactions and Cardiovascular Functioning Among Black and White Americans, 208 CC

Saturday, November 5

8:00-9:30, Jessica Finlay (chair), Symposium: Pandemic Vulnerability and Resilience: Quantitative and Qualitative Findings from the COVID-19 Coping Study, 208 CC

8:00-9:30, Jessica Finlay, Acute Relationships Between Mental Health and Cognitive Function Among Aging Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic, 208 CC

8:00-9:30, Jessica Finlay, Older Adults’ Work Disruptions in April/May 2020: Implications for Work Status and Mental Health Over 6 Months, 208 CC

8:00-9:30, Jessica Finlay, Social Places: Shifting Neighborhood Perceptions Among Aging Americans During COVID-19, 208 CC

8:00-9:30, Jessica Finlay, Struggles and Strength: A Qualitative Study of Diverse Voices from the COVID-19 Coping Study, 208 CC

2:00-3:00, Josh Ehrlich, Poster: Family Support as a Mediator of Cognitive Functioning Among Hispanic Older Adults with Sensory Impairments, Exhibit Hall DE (CC)

2:00-3:00, Esther Friedman, Poster: Changes to Care Provisions to Older Adults During COVID-19: Implications for Caregiver Well-Being, Exhibit Hall DE (CC)

5:30-7:00, Josh Ehrlich, Ken Langa, Vision Impairment in a Global Life Course Model of Potentially Modifiable Dementia Risk Factors, 211 CC

5:30-7:00, Mengyao Hu, Richard Gonzalez, Vicki Freedman, Laura Zahodne, Exploring the Use of Machine Learning to Improve Dementia Detection: Automating Coding of the Clock-Drawing Test, 210 CC

5:30-7:00, Allan Nkwata, Toxic Stress, Resiliency Resources, and Time to Dementia Diagnosis Among Americans aged ≥50 years in the HRS 2006–2016, 210 CC

Sunday, November 6

8:00-9:30, Mengyao Hu, Sarah Patterson, Late-Life Care for Older Adults: Findings from NHATS and NSOC, 202 CC

8:00-9:30, Mengyao Hu, Sarah Patterson, Vicki Freedman, Typologies of Caregiving Networks and Older Adults’ Quality of Life, 202 CC

8:00-9:30, Toni Antonucci, Kristine Ajrouch, Convoys of Care, 201 CC