July 1, 2020

SRC Researchers on the Michigan Minds Podcast

Micahel Esposito discusses how structural racism shapes health disparities and shares the findings of a study he conducted that shows police use-of-force is among the leading causes of death for young men of color in the US.

Margaret Hicken discusses her research exploring how place, history, and the environment factor into racial health inequities, as well as what led her to create the RacismLab, a transdisciplinary research collective working to better understand the impact of racism on health and well-being.

In this episode of Michigan Minds, Pamela Davis-Kean explains that with schools closed, it falls to parents to provide learning opportunities for their children, but many families are unequipped to do so. See also: The Kids Are Not Alright, Davis-Kean’s ISR Insights Speaker Series presentation.

Lindsay Kobayashi, assistant professor at the School of Public Health and Jessica Finlay discuss the research project they launched to better understand how the pandemic and associated control practices are affecting older adults in the US.

Jessica Finlay explains how third places provide a social glue to society, and shares her thoughts on how the pandemic is impacting them.