May 3, 2021

SRC Researchers at the Population Association of America 2021 Annual Meeting

PAA 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting May 5-8The Population Association of America is holding its annual meeting virtually May 5-8, 2021.

Wednesday, May 5

9:15-10:30 Central – Margaret Hicken (discussant), Session Discrimination and Health Disparities in the United States

9:15-11:00 Central – Joelle Abramowitz & Marcus Dillender, Poster: Effects of California’s Paid Family Leave on Older Adults

9:15-11:00 Central – Grace Noppert & Kate Duchowny, Poster: Examining the Association Between Cytomegalovirus and Disability by Race/Ethnicity and Gender

10:45-12:00 Central – Leah Abrams, Jessica Finlay & Lindsay Kobayashi, Job transitions and mental health outcomes among US adults aged 55 and older during the Covid-19 outbreak

10:45-12:00 Central – Dirgha Ghimire, Amit Anshumali & Emily Treleaven, International Out-Migration and the Health of Left-Behind Adolescents in Nepal

1:00-2:15 Central – Deirdre Bloome, Daniel Schrage & Jane Furey, Class Crystallization: Understanding Inequality Across Multiple Dimensions of Wellbeing

2:30-3:45 Central – Deirdre Bloome, Paula Fomby & Yang Zhang, Childhood Family Instability and Union Formation During Early Adulthood

2:30-3:45 Central – Margaret Hicken (Chair), Session: Using Place to Understand Race/Ethnicity and Racialization

4:00-5:15 Central – Richard Rodems & Fabian Pfeffer, Avoiding Material Hardship: The Buffer Function of Wealth

4:00-5:15 Central – Margaret Hicken (Chair), Session: Place and Health in Europe: Looking Across and Within Countries

4:00-5:15 Central – Michael Esposito (Chair), Session: Racism, Xenophobia, and Nativism

Thursday, May 6

9:15-10:30 Central – Jeffrey Morenoff (Chair), Session: Environmental Influences on Aging

9:15-10:30 Central – Colter Mitchell, Jonah Fisher, Jessica Faul, Erin Ware, Lisa Schneper, John Dou, Kelly Bakulski & Daniel Notterman, Longitudinal Assessment of Methylation Profiles in a Multi-ethnic Population of Children and Adolescents

9:15-11:00 Central – Joelle Abramowitz, Poster: New Insights on Self-Employment of Older Adults in the United States

10:45-12:00 Central – Adrienne Epstein, Emily Treleaven, Nadia Diamond-Smith, Drought and Migration: An analysis of the effects of climate change on temporary labor and return migration from a migrant-sending area

1:00-2:15 Central – Yasamin Kusunoki, Angubeen Khan, Jennifer Cruz, Layla Elabed, Mona Makki & Madiha Tariq, Sociodemographic Correlates of Intimate Partner Violence and Reproductive Coercion among Arab American Women in Dearborn, MI

3:15-4:45 Central – Jeffrey E. Stokes & Sarah Patterson, Poster: Caregiving and Self-Esteem in Mid and Later Life: Variation by Age, Family, and Health

3:15-4:45 Central – Ariane Ophir, Paula Fomby & Marcia Carlson, Poster: Unequal Childhoods, Equal Relationships? The Role of Parent-figures in the Transition to Adulthood

4:00-5:15 Central – Narayan Sastry & Paula Fomby, Collecting Data during the Covid-19 Crisis: Experiences, Adaptations, and Outcomes of the PSID Child Development Supplement

4:00-5:15 Central – Noelle Chesley, Helen Meier & Sarah Laurent, Using Crowdsourcing Platforms in Study Designs during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons from a Mechanical Turk Survey Experiment on Mask Wearing

4:00-5:15 Central – Sarah Patterson & Paula Fomby, Childhood Parental Ties and Co-residence, Family Structure Stability and Change, and Later Life Transfers to Parents

Friday, May 7

9:15-10:30 Central – Michael Esposito (Discussant), Session: Historical Origins of Health Disparities

9:30-11:00 Central – Martha Bailey, Vanessa Lang, Lea Bart, Iris Vrioni, Paula Fomby, Jennifer Barber, Daniel Eisenberg, Vanessa Dalton, Poster: How Does the Price of Contraception Affect Take-Up among Low-Income, Uninsured Women: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial

1:00-2:15 Central – Yasamin Kusunoki, Allison Hand, Heather Gatny & Jennifer Barber, Intimate Relationship Dynamics and the Onset of Sexual Intercourse within Young Adult Relationships

Saturday, May 8

9:15-10:30 Central – Emily Treleaven, The relationship between extended kin resources and children’s healthcare utilization: An analysis of family concession networks in rural Mali

10:45-12:00 Central – Fabian Pfeffer & Elizabeth Burland, The Long-term Effects of Financial Aid Policy: Debt and Well-being in Adulthood