James Lepkowski

Research Professor Emeritus, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research, Professor Emeritus of Biostatistics and Adjunct Associate Professor, Biostatistics and Research Professor, Biostatistics, School of Public Health, School of Public Health

Photo of James Lepkowski


Dr. Lepkowski received a BS in mathematics from Illinois State University, 1970, and a Masters in Public Health (MPH) from the University of Michigan in 1976. Completed doctoral studies in 1979 in Biostatistics at the University of Michigan, and awarded a PhD in 1980. He was a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia in a disease eradication program, and subsequently served as a World Health Organization short term consultant in Sudan in the same global program. He worked for the Centers for Disease Control while designing and implementing a survey of blindness and blinding eye conditions in Nepal. Primarily he has worked as a Research Scientist and Research Professor at the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, since 1982, and an Associate Professor and a Professor in the Department of Biostatistics, School of Public Health, University of Michigan, since 1992. He was a member of the team that created the Joint Program in Survey Methodology at the University of Maryland, where he has been a Research Professor since 1998, and the team that created the Michigan Program in Survey Methodology in 2002, which he has directed since its inception.