Zeina Mneimneh

Assistant Research Scientist, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research

Photo of Zeina Mneimneh


Zeina Mneimneh is a survey director in Survey Research Operations, Institute for Social Research (ISR)-University of Michigan. Zeina has a Master’s degree in Public Health and in Survey Methodology and is currently a PhD candidate in the Survey Methodology Program at ISR. Zeina has been involved in designing, managing and overseeing a number of large scale surveys including the World Mental Health Surveys in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Poland. She is a collaborator in the World Mental Health initiative and a certified trainer for the Arabic and English Composite International Diagnostic Instrument (CIDI). Zeina has conducted several methodological training sessions for international researchers in the Middle East and East Asia. She has also been involved in a number of consultation activities on survey design and implementation in international settings. Zeina’s operational interests include conducting surveys in areas affected by conflict and disasters, cross-cultural survey design and implementation, and international capacity building. Her substantive methodological interests include social desirability effects and adaptive measurement design.


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