Mathematics Teachers and Teaching Survey (MTTS)

Mathematics Teachers and Teaching Survey focuses on middle school mathematics instruction. With the aid of technology in the classroom, Mathematics Teachers and Teaching Survey will be able to track and collect data on middle school mathematics instruction, providing key insight into teachers' mathematical knowledge, the curriculum, and the nature of mathematics instruction being offered to students. The $2.9 million study is funded by the National Science Foundation. Beginning in January 2015, the research team will observe teaching using Samsung tablets placed in 460 middle school classrooms around the country. With all the efforts being made to revise math instruction, especially for policies like Common Core, this is an ideal time to enact such a study. The research team will sample 600 U.S. middle school mathematics teachers and survey their background and mathematical knowledge for teaching. Teachers also will video-record four typical classroom lessons. By comparing current and past samples of middle-school teachers and teaching, we can describe current teaching practice and understand what has changed over time. SRO's work on this project includes developing a national sample frame of middle schools, sample selection, district recruitment, teacher rostering, administration of the mathematical knowledge survey, and facilitation of the video recording by the selected teachers. SRC is also involved in uploading and performing quality checks on the classroom videos.