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Harmonized Diagnostic Assessment of Dementia (DAD) for Longitudinal Aging Study of India (LASI)

The goal of this application is to make newly genotyped data from the LASI-DAD (Diagnostic Assessment of Dementia for the Longitudinal Aging Study in India) available for wider research community, using the Gateway to Global Aging Data ( The Gateway is a data and information platform developed to facilitate longitudinal and cross-country analyses on aging, especially those using the family of Health and Retirement Studies (HRS) around the world. The Gateway has successfully integrated rich phenotype data and make them available for larger number of researchers.
In this application, we aim to integrate genomic data, particularly polygenic score data from newly genotyped LASI-DAD study. Recently, the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) has created a set of polygenic scores and made them available for public downloads. We will create the comparable set of polygenic scores for LASI-DAD and make them available, for research community. To do so, we will first impute newly genotyped data to other reference panels, such as 1000G and HRC, and construct the polygenic scores closely following the HRS protocol. We will also make full genotyped data, including raw genetic data files, available for public use by depositing them to dbGAP.


University of Southern California

Funding Period:

09/15/2015 to 05/31/2020