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Making Pre-K Count: Kindergarten Expansion

The Robin Hood Foundation and MDRC have partnered to establish the Robin Hood Early Childhood Initiative, with the goal of identifying, implementing, and rigorously evaluating promising solutions that can dramatically improve the life trajectories of low-income preschoolers in New York City, particularly with respect to long-term academic success, reduced criminal activity, and increased adult earnings. The first initiative was designed to reduce poverty by narrowing the persistent achievement gap between low-income children and their higher-income peers through a curriculum-based intervention. The first initiative was focused on enhancing math instruction as a key component of a preschool intervention model. The project will now build on Making Pre-K Count (MPC), the first project of the Robin Hood Early Childhood Initiative, by following up with a kindergarten enhancement of Math Clubs in which tutors provide small-group instruction to four children at a time.

The project will include a two-phase strategy, beginning with a 14-month pilot phase. During the pilot phase, we will finalize the Math Club curriculum, hire and train staff, and collect information to ensure that Math Clubs can be implemented with fidelity and quality, that children?s attendance is be high, and that children are making sufficient progress in their math skills. In early 2015, we would review with Robin Hood the performance to date of the Math Clubs and propose any recommended improvements, with the intention of proceeding to full-scale program implementation and the related evaluation for the 2015-16 school year. This amendment covers the first month of the pilot phase.



Funding Period:

06/01/2012 to 06/30/2019