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National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG)

Per sponsor request, we are submitting this proposal for the additional costs resulting from the following work scop changes:
1. Additional pay period: Per the University?s financial calendar cycles, every CLIN in the contract has had two months with three pay periods for non-exempt staff members, including field researchers. In this CLIN, there will be three months with three two-week pay periods for non-exempt staff. (September 2017, March 2018 and August 2018). This was not known at the time of estimating the budget for CLIN 14.
2. Enhanced staffing: In light of higher than average field researcher attrition during the previous two years of fieldwork, and associated cost increases, two new field researchers per area were hired and trained in August 2017 for the current year of data collection. Additional field researcher hours were incurred given the increased staff and lower attrition rates.
3. August 2017 field researcher training costs: The annual field researcher training was larger (an increase from approximately 20 to approximately 35 trainees) per the enhanced staffing model, and was held earlier (August rather than September), to reduce downtime between fieldwork years, with expected increases in yield, which have been realized (particularly beneficial in the face of a trend of decreasing yield). However, some training costs that were expected in August 2017 were incurred in September 2017. These added costs to CLIN14 that were expected in CLIN13 (which concluded with unspent funds)


Health and Human Services, Department of-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Funding Period:

09/24/2010 to 12/30/2020