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National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG)

Supplemental funding is being requested for the additional scope of work that will be carried out by the Survey Research Center (SRC) as part of the year 7 activities.

Work scope changes are comprised of eight components:
– In year 7, SRC field staff will be offered the opportunity to select health benefits as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We provide a cost estimate based on 15 field staff (30%) selecting benefits through the University of Michigan.
– In year 7, the effort needed to meet the quarterly interview yield has resulted in additional field researcher hours beyond the original budget. This budget represents an additional 1.7 hours per interview (HPI) above the original estimate of 9.0 hours per interview for 5000 interviews per year.
– In Cycle 7, NSFG field staff received a $2 hourly differential in addition to their base pay rate. The differential was not provided in the first four years of Cycle 8. In an attempt to recruit and maintain a highly qualified field staff, the hourly differential was reinstated in year five and will continue in the current year. Field researcher wages will effectively be increased.
– To keep field researcher?s technology up to date we will be transitioning to ?smartphone? rather than the existing flip phones. Included in this supplement are the additional costs related to the data plans and mobile data security systems for the phones.
– Field researcher training will occur in August rather than in September this year which will require payment of a large portion of the year 7 training costs before August 31, 2017. Additionally, the new federal requirement for digital fingerprinting will require a representative of a digital fingerprinting services provider to travel to Ann Arbor and obtain fingerprints from all newly hired field researchers
– The monthly FISMA-related costs have been higher than originally anticipated. Given the project security requirements, year 7 FISMA-related personnel costs will be similar to previous years.
– Updates to the year 7 computerized data collection instrument and databases that support the sample management systems are necessary over time and allow for enhancements and improvements in addition to the general maintenance that is periodically necessary.
– Periodic bonuses have been found to boost field research production. This supplement includes production bonuses which will be offered up to two times per quarter. Based on historical performance 10 field researchers meet the production challenge each quarter. In this supplement we have budgeted for funding to continue offering the production bonuses.


Health and Human Services, Department of-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Funding Period:

09/24/2010 to 12/30/2020