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National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG)

This proposal is for additional methodological work requested by NCHS to be completed between September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017. As stated by NCHS, this additional work is requested:

?Given increases in the costs of conducting fieldwork (in the NSFG and across surveys that collect nationally representative data in the U.S.) and parallel declining yields and response rates, research on survey operations and methodology is needed to further understand the causes and develop remedies. Key personnel on the contract and other staff at the University of Michigan are specialists in the area of statistical mathematics, survey methodology, fieldwork efficiency, and survey cost control.
Data from the NSFG on the interviewing process and measures of data quality and validity will be used to conduct analyses and propose future directions in the areas of:
1) Internet and smartphone coverage among NSFG respondents
2) Shifting the double-sample phase boundaries
3) Screening households via a mailed paper screener
The additional work includes assembling the data, analyzing the data, and writing a draft and final version of 3 reports as enumerated above.?
These activities will be undertaken by the project director, senior mathematical statistician, research methodologist, sampling statistician and a graduate student in the survey methodology program.


Health and Human Services, Department of-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Funding Period:

09/24/2010 to 12/30/2020