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Social networks and well-being in late life: An in depth examination of daily mechanisms

These supplement funds provide additional support to the Survey Research Operations (SRO) portion of the project to allow for the completion of the data collection project currently underway in Austin, Texas. This funding will provide the estimated total additional costs necessary to complete interviews with 325 respondents of whom 300 will have agreed to participate in the additional components (Electronically Activated Recorder, Actical, mEMA). The continued data collection will include centralized telephone screening and in person field work and post-production activities to be completed. As initially described, we will recruit respondents in equal numbers of males and females, and will attempt to recruit approximately 20 percent Hispanic respondents and 10 percent African American respondents. These supplemental funds will cover increased interviewer, project management and Help Desk hours. These increased hours are due to the expanded work scope as well as additional testing, development, training and on-going monitoring and intervention that has been necessary to date.


University of Texas at Austin

Funding Period:

09/15/2015 to 05/31/2020