A Profile Conditional Likelihood Approach for the Semiparametric Transformation Regression Model with Missing Covariates

Byline: Hua Yun Chen (1), Roderick J. Little (2) Keywords: Cox model; gamma odds model; missing pattern Abstract: We propose a profile conditional likelihood approach to handle missing covariates in the general semiparametric transformation regression model. The method estimates the marginal survival function by the Kaplan-Meier estimator, and then estimates the parameters of the survival model and the covariate distribution from a conditional likelihood, substituting the Kaplan-Meier estimator for the marginal survival function in the conditional likelihood. This method is simpler than full maximum likelihood approaches, and yields consistent and asymptotically normally distributed estimator of the regression parameter when censoring is independent of the covariates. The estimator demonstrates very high relative efficiency in simulations. When compared with complete-case analysis, the proposed estimator can be more efficient when the missing data are missing completely at random and can correct bias when the missing data are missing at random. The potential application of the proposed method to the generalized probit model with missing continuous covariates is also outlined. Author Affiliation: Article History: Registration Date: 07/10/2004