Abilities and competencies in adulthood: Life-span perspectives on workplace skills

Series Preface / Daniel A. Wagner — Foreword / Torsten Husen — Introduction / Albert Tuijnman — 1. Adult Basic Skills: Policy Issues and a Research Agenda / David Stern and Albert Tuijnman — 2. The Contribution of Literacy to the Wealth of Individuals and Nations / Sue E. Berryman — 3. Self-Assessed Skill Needs and Job Performance / Peter Cappelli and Nikolai Rogovsky — 4. Adult Literacy Assessment in Comparative Contexts / Daniel A. Wagner — 5. Abilities and Competencies in Adulthood: Lifespan Perspectives on Workplace Skills / Jacqui Smith and Michael Marsiske — 6. Measuring Adult Basic Skills: A Literature Review / Stan Jones — 7. European Traditions in Literacy Research and Measurement / Max van der Kamp — 8. Proxy Measurement of Adult Basic Skills: Lessons From Canada / T. Scott Murray — 9. Using Large-Scale Assessment Results to Identify and Evaluate Generalizable Indicators of Literacy / Irwin S. Kirsch and Ann Jungeblut.; This book offers new perspectives on the understanding of adult basic skills and literacy. It identifies the critical information needs in this area and suggests ways of closing the information gap through case studies and large-scale surveys. The chapters give an overview of the different research and policy traditions in literacy, and address key technical issues in measurement and assessment. The implications and options for policy intervention are considered in light of changing conceptions of theory and measurement.