Ageing differently: Potential and limits

Ageing and diversity : a critical introduction / Simon Biggs and Svein Olav Daatland — Ageing differently : potential and limits / Jacqui Smith and Denis Gerstorf — The personal meaning of individuality and relatedness : gender differences in middle and late adulthood / Gerben J. Westerhof and Christina Bode — Diversity, health and ageing / Lars Andersson and Peter Öberg — Gender trajectories : how age and marital status influence patterns of gender inequality in later life / Sara Arber — The search for ageing identities / Andrew Blaikie — New ageism : age imperialism, personal experience and ageing policy / Simon Biggs — Sexuality in gerontology : a heteronormative presence, a queer absence / Ann Cronin — Making sense of the construct of successful ageing : the migrant experience / Sandra Torres — Older foreign migrants in Europe : multiple pathways and welfare positions / Tony Warnes — Transnational communities, migration and changing identities in later life : a new research agenda / Chris Phillipson and Nilufar Ahmed — Societal trends and lifecourse events affecting diversity in later life / Jenny De Jong Gierveld — Quality of life and social inequality in old age / Andreas Motel-Klingebiel — Class, power and inequality in later life / Paul Higgs and Chris Gilleard — Ageing and diversity, what next? / Svein Olav Daatland and Simon Biggs.