Can On-Site Childcare Have Detrimental Work Outcomes? Examining the Moderating Roles of Family Supportive Organization Perceptions and Childcare Satisfaction

Using organizational support theory as an overarching framework, we investigated the moderating roles of family supportive organization perceptions (FSOP) and childcare satisfaction on the relationship between type of childcare use (on-site vs. external) on one hand, and work engagement and job satisfaction on the other hand. We tested study hypotheses using data collected from staff and faculty members from a large public university in the Southern United States. Results from multiple regression analyses indicated that, compared with external childcare users, employees using on-site childcare were less engaged in and satisfied with their jobs when they (a) perceived their organization to be unsupportive toward their family life and (b) were dissatisfied with their childcare provider. Organizational implications emphasize the importance of integrating any on-site childcare program with a climate that openly acknowledges and cares for employees' family-related responsibilities and providing high-quality childcare services to employees. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved). FAU – Ratnasingam, Prema