Case Studies on Monitoring Interviewer Behavior in International and Multinational Surveys

Quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) need to be applied at three levels, namely: the survey product, the survey process, and the survey organization. This chapter focuses on five international or multinational case studies and the interviewing QC procedures that were implemented. These case studies were selected to represent different types of design and cultural context. Several of them have used technological innovations or modeling techniques illustrating examples of methods that could be used in multicultural surveys. The chapter presents different case studies that used technological advances to generate real-time data for monitoring interviewers' work during the data collection phase. Utilizing real-time data, traditional routine QC procedures on a random subsample were augmented with targeted selection of cases or interviewers. Such targeted selection could increase the efficiency of the QC process by focusing resources on cases or interviewers that display unusual data patterns potentially linked to deviations from the study protocol.