Convoys of social relations: family and friendships within a life span context

The family context of aging: trends and challenges / Rosemary Blieszner, Victoria Hilkevitch Bedford — Historical perspectives on the family and aging / Tamara K. Hareven — Aging and the family: present and future demographic issues / Kevin Kinsella — The family of the second half of life: connecting theories and findings / Bertram J. Cohler, Karen Altergott — Family relations and individual development in adulthood and aging / Carol D. Ryff, Marsha Mailick Seltzer — Feminist perspectives on social gerontology / Helena Znaniecka Lopata — Family dynamics and the leisure experiences of older adults: theoretical viewpoints / Jay A. Mancini, Dan M. Sandifer — Methods and analysis of family data / David J. Mangen — Marriage and close relationships of the marital kind / Margaret Hellie Huyck — Sibling relationships in middle and old age / Victoria Hilkevitch Bedford — Aged parents and aging children: determinants of relationship quality / J. Jill Suitor … [et al.] — Grandparenting in an era of rapid change / Joan F. Robertson — U.S. old-age policy and the family / Madonna Harrington Meyer, Marcia L. Bellas — Legal issues and family involvement in later-life families / Robbyn R. Wacker — Cultural diversity in the late-life family / Colleen L. Johnson — Aging and kinship in rural context / B. Jan McCulloch — Convoys of social relations: family and friendships within a life span context / Toni C. Antonucci, Hiroko Akiyama — Families and retirement / Maximiliane Szinovacz, David J. Ekerdt — The effects of illness on the family / Jeffrey W. Dwyer — Death and bereavement / Miriam S. Moss, Sidney Z. Moss — Widowhood / Shirley L. O'Bryant, Robert O. Hansson — Families and formal networks / Shirley S. Travis — Clinical interventions with later-life families / Sara Honn Qualls.