Delivery of HIV Transmission Risk-Reduction Services by HIV Care Providers in the United States-2013

Objectives: Evidence-based guidelines have long recommended that HIV care providers deliver HIV transmission risk-reduction (RR) services, but recent data are needed to assess their adoption.Methods: The authors surveyed a probability sample of 1234 US HIV care providers on delivery of 9 sexual behavior– and 7 substance use–related HIV transmission RR services and created an indicator of “adequate” delivery of services in each area, defined as performing approximately 70% or more of applicable services.Results: Providers were most likely to encourage patients to disclose HIV status to all partners since HIV diagnosis (81%) and least likely to ask about disclosure to new sex and drug injection partners at follow-up visits (both 41%). Adequate delivery of sexual behavior– and substance use–related RR services was low (37% and 43%, respectively).Conclusion: The majority of US HIV care providers may need additional support to improve delivery of comprehensive HIV transmission RR services.