Determining the value of non-marketed goods : economics, psychological, and policy relevant aspects of contingent valuation methods

Contingent valuation : economics, law and politics / Raymond J. Kopp & Katherine A. Pease — Measuring the non-use values : theory and application / Richard Bishop … [et al.] — Economic and psychological aspects of valuing risk reduction / W. Kip Viscusi — Constructing measures of economic value / Raymond J. Kopp and V. Kerry Smith — Contingent valuation surveys and test of insentivity to scope / Richard T. Carson — Cognition, communication, and survey measurement : implications for contigent valuation surveys / Norbert Schwarz — What do psychologists want? Contingent valuation as a special case of asking questions / Baruch Fischhoff — The effect of giving respondents “time-to-think” on tests of scope / Dale Whittington, KyeongAe Choe, and Donald Lauria — Practical problems in contingent valuation / Bengt Kriström — Communication devices in contingent valuation surveys : experiments with video / Ståle Navrud — Limits to the applicability of the CV approach? A case study / Werner W. Pommerehne & Albert Hart.