Developmental psychology

v. 1. Accelerated aging: animal models-Durable power of attorney — v. 2. Ear-Kin — v.3 Language about aging-Psychotherapy — v. 4. Qualitative research-Yeast, index.; “As our population ages, interest and scholarship in issues surrounding our later years have intensified. From the general to specific, the 400-plus well-referenced entries cover an impressive range of medical, psychological, sociological, public-policy, and biological subjects. There are good cross-references, along with bibliographies at the end of each article and a handy list of of articles grouped by topic areas. Whether you are looking for information on genetics, social theories of aging, mental health, or pensions and Social Security, this four-volume encylopedia presents information to the general reader while serving as a good starting point for either the high-school or college researcher.”–“The Best of the Best Reference Sources,” American Libraries, May 2003.