Diversion of ADHD Stimulants and Victimization Among Adolescents

ObjectiveaEuro integral To examine whether a recent prescription for stimulant medication is associated with peer victimization among youth with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).aEuro integral MethodsaEuro integral Data from 4,965 adolescents attending five public schools who completed an annual web survey over 4 years were used to examine recent stimulant medication prescription and self-reported frequent victimization.aEuro integral ResultsaEuro integral Adolescents with ADHD and recent stimulant prescription reported more victimization than those without ADHD, but similar to adolescents with ADHD and no recent prescription. Adolescents with ADHD and past 12-month diversion of their prescribed stimulants were at greatest risk of 12-month frequent victimization compared with adolescents without ADHD and adolescents with ADHD but no recent prescription. Youth approached to divert reported more victimization than youth not approached. Youth who diverted reported more victimization than those who did not divert.aEuro integral ConclusionsaEuro integral Close parent-prescriber collaboration is needed to ensure effective medical treatment for ADHD without greater risk for victimization and treatment failure.