Exchange and reciprocity among two generations of Japanese and American women

I. Culture, aging, and context — Complaint discourse, aging, and caregiving among the!Kung San of Botswana / Harriet G. Rosenberg — By any other name, it is still killing : a comparison of the treatment of the elderly in America and other societies / Anthony P. Glascock — The older woman in Hausa society : power and authority in urban Nigeria / Catherine Coles — II. The cultural construction of intergenerational ties — Aging, world view, and intergenerational relations in America and Yugoslavia / Andrei Simic — Grandparenting styles : Native American perspectives / Joan Weibel-Orlando — Exchange and reciprocity among two generations of Japanese and American women / Hiroko Akiyama, Toni C. Antonucci, and Ruth Campbell — III. Aging, modernization, and societal transformation — The elderly in the People's Republic of China / Philip Olson — Transforming the “middle way” : a political economy of aging policy in Sweden / Bruce M. Zelkovitz — The elderly in modern Japan : elite, victims, or plural players? / Christie W. Kiefer — IV. The ethnic dimension in aging — Bringing culture back home : aging, ethnicity, and family support / Jay Sokolovsky — Age of wisdom : elderly black women in family and church / Jane W. Peterson — Ethnic identity and bereavement in later life : the case of older widowers / Mark R. Luborsky and Robert L. Rubinstein — V. Community, environment, and aging — Community as context for successful aging / Jennie Keith, Christine L. Fry, and Charlotte Ikels — The construction of personhood among the aged : a comparative study of aging in Israel and England / Haim Hazan — Uncle Ed, Supper Runner, and the fry cook : old men on the street in the 1980s / Jay Sololovsky and Carl Cohen — VI. Culture, health, and aging — Between humans and ghosts : the decrepit elderly in a Polynesian society / Judith C. Barker — Alzheimer's disease in cultural context / J. Neil Henderson — Liminality in an American nursing home : the endless transition / RenĂ©e Rose Shield.