Global Mental Health Epidemiology

21st Century Global Mental Health is a textbook for graduate public health students, educators, and practitioners in low-, middle- and high-income countries (LAMIC, HIC). This volume addresses populations' global mental health, progress made to date and challenges remaining, in context, along with public health and primary care; focuses on the increasing prevalence of mental disorders among NCDs; the fragmentation of health systems; and the pervasive and persistent stigma and discrimination against mental illnesses and against the mentally ill at the highest policy levels affecting access, equity, quality and care outcomes.

The textbook also translates, transmits and presents applications of global mental health knowledge to public health, populations' health and health systems contexts. It meets the increased interest in global health – mental health included – evidenced by the contemporary generation of graduate public health students entering Schools of Public Health in the US and globally choosing global health tracks, in increasing numbers, as their preferred course of studies.

In five sections, 21st Century Global Mental Health explores:

– Global Mental Health Epidemiology and Diagnostic Systems
– The Determinants of Health/Mental Health
– Populations' Health/Mental Health
– Evaluating and strengthening health/mental health systems
– Human Rights, Stigma, Mental Health Policy and the Media