Institutional studies of organizations: Lines of data analysis and data requirements

Editor's introduction — Institutional analysis of educational organizations : lines of theory and directions for research / Brian Rowan — A National data base for organization : a proposal for including data from economic theories of organization / Patrick F. Galvin and James E. Barott — School restructuring : responding to external environments / Ellen B. Goldring — On leadership, school restructuring and democracy in America / Robert O. Slater — Institutional theory and the politics of institutionalization : logics of action in school reform / Samuel B. Bacharach, W. Frank Masters and Bryan Mundell — The institutionalization of public schools: the decline of legitimating myths and the politics of organizational instability / James G. Cibulka — Creativity and innovation in schools / Peter Bamberger — Decentralization and school reform : a demand perspective / Jane Hannaway — Improving school quality through school-based management : a theoretical model of the process of change / Peter J. Robertson.