Institutional theory and the study of educational organizations

I. The development of educational administration. A brief history of scholarship on educational administration / Donald J. Willower and Patrick B. Forsyth — The continuing quest for a knowledge base : 1976-1998 / Robert Donmoyer — A century's quest to understand school leadership / Kenneth Leithwood and Daniel L. Duke — Internationalization in educational administration : policy and practice, theory and research / Judith D. Chapman, Larry E. Sackney, and David N. Aspin — The struggle to create a more gender-inclusive profession / Charol Shakeshaft — The evolution of educational leadership preparation programs / Martha M. McCarthy — Next generation methods for the study of leadership and school improvement / Ronald H. Heck and Philip Hallinger. II. The changing nature of education and schooling : emerging foundations for the new profession. Ideological lenses for interpreting political and economic changes affecting schooling / James G. Cibulka — Delta forces : the changing fabric of American society and education / Pedro Reyes, Lonnie H. Wagstaff, and Lance D. Fusarelli — Social constructivist views of learning / Richard S. Prawat and Penelope L. Peterson — The “new professionalism in education : an appraisal / Gary Sykes — Rethinking school improvement / Karen Seashore Louis, James Toole, and Andy Hargreaves –; Enduring dilemmas of school organization / Rodney T. Ogawa, Robert L. Crowson, and Ellen B. Goldring — Schools as cultures / William A. Firestone and Karen Seashore Louis — Schools as polities / Robert O. Slater and William Lowe Boyd — Administration and community : considering challenges, exploring possibilities / Lynn G. Beck and William Foster — Institutional theory and the study of educational organizations / Brian Rowan and Cecil G. Miskel — The implications of social capital for schools, communities, and cities : educational administration as if a sense of place mattered / Mary Erina Driscoll and Charles Taylor Kerchner — New consumerism : evolving market dynamics in the institutional dimension of schooling / Joseph Murphy. III. Rethinking the challenges of educational leadership. School leadership for teacher learning and change : a human and social capital development perspective / Mark A. Smylie and Ann Weaver Hart — Integrated services : challenges in linking schools, families, and communities / Claire E. Smrekar and Hanne B. Mawhinney — New demands and concepts for educational accountability : striving for results in an era of excellence / Jacob E. Adams, Jr., and Michael W. Kirst — Generating and managing resources for school improvement / David H. Monk and Margaret L. Plecki — A new research paradigm for understanding (and improving) twenty-first century schooling / Paul T. Hill and James W. Guthrie.