The Prenatal/Early Infancy Project / David L. Olds — The Brookline Early Education Project / Donald E. Pierson — Early intervention for high-risk children / Craig T. Ramey — Primary prevention of behavior problems in young children / Dale L. Johnson –The High/Scope Perry Preschool Program / Lawrence J. Schweinhart — Interpersonal cognitive problem solving / Myrna B. Shure — Assertiveness training with children / Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus — Preventing adolescent substance abuse through life skills training / Gilbert J. Botvin — The School Transitional Environment Project / Robert D. Felner — The prevention of juvenile delinquency / William S. Davidson — The perceived personal control preventive intervention for a caesarean birth population / Ciporah S. Tudmor — The Colorado Separation and Divorce Program / Bernard L. Bloom — Disease prevention in communities / Nathan Maccoby — Widow-to-widow / Phyllis R. Silverman — Model prevention programs / Richard H. Price.