Linking the self and society in social gerontology: crossing new territory via old questions

Linking the self and society in social gerontology : crossing new territory via old questions / Carol D. Ryff, Victor W. Marshall, & Philippa J. Clarke — Social perspectives on the self in later life / Linda K. George — Neoteny, naturalization, and other constituents of human development / Dale Dannefer — Continuity theory, self, and social structure / Robert C. Atchley — Identity and adaptation to the aging process / Susan Krauss Whitbourne — Self-development in adulthood and aging : the role of critical life events / Manfred Diehl — Practical consciousness, social class, and self-concept : a view from sociology / Jon Hendricks — Educational attainment and self-making in later life / Melissa M. Franks … [et al.] — Forging macro-micro linkages in the study of psychological well-being / Carol D. Ryff … [et al.] — Income and subjective well-being over the life cycle / Richard A. Easterlin & Christine M. Schaeffer — Structure and agency in the retirement process : a case study of Montreal garment workers / Julie A. McMullin & Victor W. Marshall — Gender and distress in later life : the importance of lifelong employment and familial experiences / Lorraine Davis — The caregiving context : the intersection of social and individual influences in the experience of family caregiving / Marsha Mailick Seltzer & Jan S. Greenberg — Linking social structure and self-concept : variations in sense of mastery / Marilyn McKean Skaff — Intersections of society, family, and self among Hispanics in middle and later life / Sonia Miner & Julian Montoro-Rodriguez — The social psychology of values : effects of individual development, social change, and family transmission over the life span / Robert E. L. Roberts & Vern L. Bengtson.