Motivation and ability: Interactive psychological determinants of intellectual performance and educational achievement

Part 1. Achievement in the life cycle — Causes and consequences of higher education : models of the status attainment process / William H. Sewell and Robert M. Hauser — Motivation and ability : interactive psychological determinants of intellective performance, education achievement, and each other / John W. Atkinson, Willy Lens, and P.M. O'Malley — Abilities and environments / Trevor Williams — Cognitive complexity : a dimension underlying the socioeconomic achievement process / Joe L. Spaeth — Discontinuities in schooling and the socioeconomic life cycle / David L. Featherman and T. Michael Carter — Characteristics of the work setting and the job as determinants of income / Joe L. Spaeth — Part 2. Institutional effects — The impact of school resources on students / William G. Spady — Another hour, another day : quantity of schooling, a potent path for policy / David E. Wiley — A new model of school effectiveness. Measuring efficiency in educational production / Henry M. Levin — High school effects on achievement / Robert M. Hauser, William H. Sewell, and Duane F. Alwin — Socioeconomic background, colleges, and post-collegiate achievements / Duane F. Alwin — Changes in initial differences among major-field groups : an exploration of the “accentuation effect” / Kenneth A. Feldman and John Weiler — Part 3. Methodological issues — Approximations to ceteris paribus : data adjustment in educational research / David E. Wiley — Models of response error in student reports of parental socioeconomic characteristics / William M. Mason … [et al.]