Multi-generational mother-daughter relationships: support and well-being

This paper capitalizes on a unique three generation dataset which includes teenage mothers (M = 17yrs), grandmothers (M = 43yrs) and greatgrandmothers (M = 64yrs). It focuses on the life changes and social support of three generations of women who are experiencing a family life transition due to the birth of a baby to the teenage mother. Mothers and daughters feel extremely close to each other, with 73% of the teen moms reporting feeling very close to their mothers and 89% of the grandmothers reporting similar feelings about their daughters. This finding is consistent with the oldest generation as indicated by the fact that 67% of the greatgrandmothers reported feeling very close to their daughters. Comparisons of the 86 teen mom-grandmother dyads indicate mutually supportive relationships, with the teen moms expressing stronger feelings of suppoort from their mothers than the reverse. Feelings of closeness versus feeling supported appear to differ by generational status. Preliminary analyses from 36 greatgrandmother-grandmother dyads indicate similarities across generations in the mother-daughter relationship but differences also suggest the important impact of age and family life experiences. Further analyses will explore the impact of these multigenerational mother-daughter relationships on their well-being. [English Abstract]